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British Diplomatic Service Families hear about Slurping Soup


Ingrid Hale presents Kathryn with the Autumn 2011 DSFA magazine containing Ingrid's positive review of Slurping Soup

Beijing based Ingrid Hale, herself a UK parent of third culture children, interviewed me in October 2011 for a review of Slurping Soup in the Autumn edition of Carousel magazine, the Diplomatic Service Families Association (DSFA) magazine which reaches out to families all over the world.

Here are a few excerpts of her review: The authors “saw that third culture kids often imagine they are alone in their experiences. In their busy time of moving, children have feelings that they can find hard to express. And with the coming and going of expat life, what really matters is often overlooked.”

In addition to Ingrid’s description of the real life stories and practical fun activities she goes on to say “Children are encouraged to play and to talk even when answers are not obvious. It is not a book about perfect parenting or trying to make things instantly better. It is rather a forum to be able to describe feelings and concerns in a fun ‘non-homeworky’ way, and for children to learn that other people have been through the same things as them.”

I love that Ingrid concluded by saying, ” Just keep the book out of the heavy baggage consignment to turn to in those early weeks of soup slurping misunderstandings.”

On behalf of my co-authors thank you Ingrid and DSFA for helping third culture kids cope with their transitions by spreading the word about Slurping Soup. Kathryn Tonges

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