Slurping Soup book


Maryam Afnan AhmadMaryam Afnan Ahmad

teaches, trains and consults in marketing and personal development. She has a son and daughter, who have lived in China and Pakistan.

Cherie EmighCherie Emigh

is an anthropologist and teacher from the United States. She has three children and currently lives in China.

Ulrike GemmerUlrike Gemmer

is an event manager from Germany. She grew up as a third culture kid in Jamaica, Somalia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Zambia. She has three children who have lived in Germany, Italy and China.

Barbara MenezesBárbara Menezes

is an educational psychology counsellor from Brazil. She is a mother of two children who have lived in the UK, Chile and China.

Kathryn TongesKathryn Tonges

is an Australian National Instructor for Dr. Thomas Gordon’s Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.). She has lectured in children’s services for 20 years and coordinated a family support programme. She has two sons and lives in China.

Lucinda WillshireLucinda Willshire

is a social work counsellor working with expat adults and children in Asia and Africa for 15 years. She is from Australia and has four children who have lived in Malawi, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia and China.

All six authors are authorized instructors of Dr. Thomas Gordon’s Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.).