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16 year old Nicole Ligthart writes a poignant TCK story for other TCK’s benefit

‘Slurping Soup’ website is delighted to introduce ‘No Regrets’, a story written by Beijing third culture kid Nicole Ligthart. Recently authors Cherie and  Kathryn met Nicole’s mother who told them about her story. The authors encouraged Nicole to share her story with other children and families via the ‘Slurping Soup’ website.

Click here to download ‘No Regrets’ by Nicole Ligthart

Nicole’s story is our first blog post in our ‘fun corner’ especially for children and young people. We would love your comments and encourage other young readers to submit their story, poetry, artwork, photography etc for this section. Keep reading about Nicole’s story.

Nicole Ligthart, author of TCK story 'No Regret'.

Nicole Ligthart, author of TCK story 'No Regrets'.

Nicole wrote the story of her own experience of international living as if she were telling it to her future daughter. The story follows the ups and downs of her TCK life, of friendship making, change and loss, of unsettled as well as happy  feelings and how this was managed. Family provide a constant support however there is a character interwoven in the story who never wavers as a source of comfort. All TCK’s will relate.

TCK Nicole Ligthart when she was younger.

TCK Nicole Ligthart when she was younger.

Nicole and her family lived in Kleinmachnow, Germany for three years and when they moved back to the Netherlands Nicole experienced what it meant to be a TCK.

Nicole told us the following about herself, “I go to school in Beijing, to the Western Academy of Beijing (WAB). I wrote this story for my personal project which is a project that is done by all 10th grade students in the last year of the MYP  program (Middle Years Program). I am in 10th grade and I am 16 years old. I would be honoured to share my story”.

Click here to download ‘No Regrets’ by Nicole Ligthart

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  • Barbarabmenezes

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful story, Nicole!

  • Lucinda Willshire

    Well done Nicole, you put a lot of thought and feeling into your story. I enjoyed it very much, Lucinda

  • Lyndseyhipgrave

    A very nice story that all TCK’s can relate to. Well done!