Slurping Soup book

Slurping Soup on the Silk Road – the Vance family’s testimonial

“Slurping Soup and other confusions” is a delight to own!  When I was asked by one of the authors to look at the book before ‘it went off to press’,  I gladly accepted 3 hours into a bus ride on the Silk Road where sites out the window no longer held my 3 children’s interest!  What ensued from both parents and children was a welcome sigh of relief from the already saturated coloring books brought on the trip!   The book’s pages gave way to experiencing much more natural openings to some of the more difficult conversations that can occur from transitions in little lives.   All too often parents don’t get the chance to engage or may not understand exactly how to approach finding out what our kids’ are feeling and/or thinking when transitioning to a new country or back to home.  Children themselves often don’t know how to communicate these ‘new’ feelings (or what could be older ones that have never been brought to surface).  

I enjoyed the quality discussions with my children and gaining valuable insight into their worlds.  It was nothing short of a miracle on when this book came into my life.  I was somewhat negligent in packing the appropriate number of diversions for this 8 day trip but both my 4th grader and Kindergartner dove right in and never looked back.  My kindergartner’s favorites were Bubbles, Utensils, Time Zone and Picture Album.  Our 4th grader enjoyed Feeling Finder, Maze Choices and Quirky Mad Lib Creation.  This book more than delivers with colorful pages and simple explanations of what to do on each page.  Some activities are perfect for being ‘on the road’, and others are more favorable to do at home together. The smiles (no tears!) really made it one of the more memorable trips our family has ever taken!  Enjoy this book!  You won’t be disappointed with Slurping Soup!” – Ginger Vance

Captain and Mrs. George Vance

Beijing, China and Annapolis, Maryland



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